What is a Geneticist
geneticist is a doctor who studies genes and heredity. Geneticists are interested in:

Geneticists play an important role in the diagnosis and management of a genetic disorder. They also give information to patients and family members about genetic conditions.

Kinds of Geneticists

researcher at computerIn general, geneticists focus on research or seeing patients. Some geneticists do both.

A geneticist who meets with patients to evaluate, diagnose, and manage genetic disorders is a doctor with special training in genetics, also called a clinical geneticist.


Clinical geneticists:

  1. Meet with and examine patients
  2. Order appropriate genetic tests
  3. Diagnose and help manage genetic conditions
  4. Figure out a family’s risk for genetic conditions

A clinical geneticist can refer you to other medical specialties, if needed. The American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG) certifies doctors in genetics.

On the other hand, research geneticists focus on research. They perform experiments to learn more about our genes. Then, they think about their results and what they can teach us about genes and disease. Research geneticists also may study the use of genetic technologies.

A research geneticist studies:

  1. Causes of disease
  2. How to prevent and treat genetic disease