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Screening Through the Life Course

Introducing the Genes in Life spotlight on screening through the life course! For the next two months, the Genes In Life Blog will cover newborn screening, pediatric screening, and cascade screening. Keep checking back for more!

Whole Genome Sequencing and Newborns

A post from our sponsor, Claritas Genomics on the use of whole genome sequencing with newborns.

Incidental Findings in Whole Genome Sequencing

What are incidental findings? Why are they creating such controversy? And how should are standard practices being created?

Illumina's Understand Your Genome Program: Incorporating Whole Genome Sequencing into the Clinic

Illumina's Understand Your Genome Program walks the attendees through the process of using whole genome sequencing in a clinical setting.

Whole Genome Sequencing in Cancer Research

Whole genome sequencing is being used to further cancer research and find treatments that are more effective and individualized. Learn more!

Using Whole Genome Sequencing to Diagnose Disease

Whole genome sequencing shows exciting promise as a tool for diagnosing conditions. Learn more!

Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day!

Learn more about family health history tools for providers and families that are improving preventive care and treatment.

#GreatChallenges A Discussion on Genomics & Medicine

TEDMed hosted an online discussion with Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, and several other leading experts on genome research, ethics, and genomics use in patient care. Click here to watch!

The Human Genome Project: Then and Now

The Human Genome Project was a remarkable feat in the world of genetics.  How did it happen and how is it shaping genetic research today?

Behind the Sequence

What exactly is a whole genome sequence?  This blog post goes behind the sequence to explain what scientists are looking at when they sequence a genome and how they can use the information.