Family Reunions

Family reunions are the perfect excuse to help your family start a discussion about family health history in a fun and exciting way.

You Need Access To Your Medical Record

Incorporating family health history into medical records is crucial for providing you with the best possible care.  Access to this data helps you make informed health decisions.

I collected my family health history – now what?

The Healthcare Provider Card can help you keep track of your family health history and share this information with your healthcare provider.

My Family Health Portrait

My Family Health Portrait organizes your health history in a family tree.  This resource helps identify risks & improve communication between families and healthcare providers.

How do I start the family health history conversation with my family?

It is important to talk to your relatives about health, but not everyone is comfortable with sharing this personal information. However, there are tools that can make talking about family health history easier.

Take Charge of Your Health

Does it Run in the Family is a tool that will help you collect, organize, and understand your family health history.  What you'll learn could surprise you!

Oral History Projects

You can keep track of your family history in a variety of ways, but collecting "oral histories" is a great way to get in-depth information from your family tree.

Tips For Collecting Your Family Health History

Learn how to collect your family health history, what information to collect, and with whom to share your health information.  It could help you lead a healthier life.

Public Service Announcement on Family Health History

Created through collaboration among several organizations, these videos show how diseases run in families, why learn about family health history, and how to stay healthy. 

The Geisinger Health System Family History Campaign

Family history can be a risk factor for chronic conditions.  This is why collecting family health history is so important—learn how!