You Need Access To Your Medical Record

Learning about your family health history by talking to relatives is important, but recording it is the crucial step. It can be hard to remember the details of your own medical history, let alone the details of all your family members’ health conditions. Once you collect and write down your family health history, bring it to your healthcare provider and let it become part of your medical record. This will help your provider manage your health and care.

But your healthcare provider should not be the only one who has access to your medical record. Make sure you do, too! This can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare options. With access to your medical records, you can be a partner in the management of your health. You can participate in all decisions, not just do what the doctor or nurse in charge tells you to do. It will also allow you to act fast in case of an emergency. Knowing you have all the medical information you need – when you need it – can be reassuring, and sometimes life-saving!  

Finally, having your medical record lets you share your experiences with others, ask questions, and learn from people who have similar conditions. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites offer different ways to connect. There are also sites specifically for health communities, such as Inspire:

For more information, see Better Medicine’s list of 12 reasons you need to access your medical record: