Be Bold Wear Gold!

The newborn screening program marked its 50th anniversary in September of 2013. In honor of this monumental event, Baby’s First Test, the nation’s newborn screening clearinghouse, launched a campaign with the purpose of spreading the word about the importance of newborn screening through public health education and to provide an avenue for all of its supporters to unite through a common cause, goal, and symbol. Members of the newborn screening community were encouraged to wear gold-colored clothing and Baby’s First Test distributed thousands of gold pins to help raise awareness. Gold represents value and importance. This is exactly what newborn screening is and should be; it provides babies with the valuable gift of a healthy start. The campaign started with the 50th anniversary but continues every day. Baby’s First Test encourages newborn screening supporters to wear gold when important legal actions regarding newborn screening are taking place locally and nationally to make the value of these screens visible to all.

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