Blog Posts for December 2013

Incidental Findings in Whole Genome Sequencing

What are incidental findings? Why are they creating such controversy? And how should are standard practices being created?

Illumina's Understand Your Genome Program: Incorporating Whole Genome Sequencing into the Clinic

Illumina's Understand Your Genome Program walks the attendees through the process of using whole genome sequencing in a clinical setting.

Whole Genome Sequencing in Cancer Research

Whole genome sequencing is being used to further cancer research and find treatments that are more effective and individualized. Learn more!

Using Whole Genome Sequencing to Diagnose Disease

Whole genome sequencing shows exciting promise as a tool for diagnosing conditions. Learn more!

How do I start the family health history conversation with my family?

It is important to talk to your relatives about health, but not everyone is comfortable with sharing this personal information. However, there are tools that can make talking about family health history easier.